May 24, 2015


Tom Mullen is the author of  A Return to Common  Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.  He writes weekly columns on his blog and has been featured at The Daily Caller, Daily Paul, American Breaking Point,, 321 Gold! Peter Schiff’s Tom has been a guest on Fox’s Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Adam Vs. the Man, Free Talk Live, and numerous other talk radio programs.

Tom  was the opening speaker at the Revolution March in Washington,  D.C. in 2008 (keynote speaker Ron Paul).  He has been a  featured speaker at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum,  Campaign for Liberty, and numerous campus and community- based organizations.

In 2007, Tom released his first solo CD, A Glimpse of the Ether,  containing 13 original compositions.  Tom’s style has been  described as “Powerpop with a hint of modern rock.”

Tom is originally a native of Buffalo, NY and graduate of Canisius  College.  He earned a Master’s Degree in English from State  University of New York College at Buffalo.  He now resides with  his family in Tampa, FL.  For more information, visit Tom’s website at

Featured Columnist At:
Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty
321 Gold!
Euro Pacific Capital (Peter Schiff’s website)
Daily Paul

Radio Appearances Include
Free Talk Live (Nationwide FM & AM Network)
Liberty Watch Radio (AM Radio Tucson, AZ)
Wake Up America with Kurt Wallace (Break the Matrix)

Notable Speaking Appearances Include
New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2010
Revolution March July 2008
New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2009
Dartmouth College
End the Fed Kansas City April 2009– Master of Ceremonies

During the 1990’s, Tom was lead singer, guitarist, and principle  songwriter for The Skeptics, an alternative powerpop band that  played for audiences all over the U.S., including opening shows for  national acts including 10,000 Maniacs.  Tom has appeared twice  on A.M. Buffalo with The Skeptics, and was also featured on  Buffalo’s local music television broadcast, Nickel City Scene.